January 2021


Holisticare Ester C

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about the client

Holisticare Ester C is known as a Vitamin C supplement that is easy on the stomach. The brand has been established since 25 years ago as a solution to maintain the health of families across Indonesia and fulfil their Vitamin C requirement.

Problem Statement

Holisticare Ester C has entered the Indonesian market for more than 2 decades, yet Indonesians are still not pronouncing their name right.

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Their Story

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This activation campaign with the main objective of brand recall is to increase public awareness on the right pronunciation of Holisticare Ester C.

The Result


Video submission on Instagram & TikTok

1,6 Million


We held a social media challenge on TikTok and Instagram. The challenge consists of two categories: Voice Over & Acting Challenge. The challenge kicked off with two prominent TikTok influencers uploading a #YaHolisticare challenge on TikTok. They continued to encourage their audience to create and post a duet video on Instagram as an entry to the challenge.

We have also prepared more TikTok influencers to create a duet video for both Voice Over and Acting challenges. They would also invite their followers to participate on the challenge. The campaign is further amplified with Instagram influencers and quiz accounts.

In the duet challenge, we have added cues to correctly pronounce Holisticare Ester C the right way. As a result, all the participants has subconsciously pronounced it right. We are also expecting viewers to adapt the right pronunciation after watching the challenge videos.

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