Simplify Your Life with EZVIZ #LebihEazy


May 2023 - Present



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Simplify Your Life with EZVIZ #LebihEazy

About The Client

EZVIZ was created to put “easy vision” in every home with easy-to-use smart home devices that provide visual protection and tangible joy to every family. The goal is to develop new generations of smart home products that simplify and automate your home experience.

Problem Statement

Brand's identity is getting shadowed by existing competitors with almost similar features yet heavier marketing activity and our targeted audiences are still not familiar with the EZVIZ's USP and brand value.

Their Story


Creating and implementing content strategies that demonstrate the utility of EZVIZ's products in everyday situations and have the potential to raise awareness.

According to monthly reports, the majority of EZVIZ's target audience is men. We notice that men tend to prefer to look for straightforward, not convoluted, and detailed information, particularly when it comes to technology devices. Then this statement was supported by the finding that the best performing content was about product information which was presented straightforwardly.

We immediately shifted our strategy by capitalizing on product knowledge content, producing our content in a way more straightforward format, and adjusting the portioning of our content pillars.

Turns out it works really well and we've even managed to develop a few content outliers, where the performance of the content deviates extremely high performance (viral) on Instagram & TikTok.


Engagement Rate (ER) on the month of July was 8,73%, much higher than the EZVIZ ER's KPI which was 1%

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