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November-December 2021


PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (PT SMI Persero)

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Podcast Pembangunan Indonesia

about the client

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) or SMI is a Special Mission Vehicle under the Ministry of Finance which is engaged in the infrastructure financing and preparing infrastructure projects. They would like to share their involvements and efforts in implementing sustainability principles in their projects through several channels including social media.

Problem Statement

Through several communication activities, PT SMI finds increasing public awareness on their role as a company a challenge. A solution to address that issue requires an effective and efficient strategy

Ngopi Podcast behind the scene with vosFoyer
PT SMI Podcast created by vosFoyer
vosFoyer team at Ngopi Podcast set
Behind the lens at Ngopi Podcast
Ngopi podcast cue card
Wide angle of Ngopi Podcast Set
PT SMI Ngopi Podcast hosts discussing
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Their Story

In an effort to increase awareness, especially to millennial audiences, PT SMI has employed several social media channels. They hold discussions in the form of Instagram Live Talks and a podcast titled ‘Podcast Pembangunan Indonesia’ with the theme of sustainable development.

The Result


Questions during IG Live

Our strategy combines the company’s core message, the target audiences’ affinity and an interesting delivery method.

The outcome of the strategy is a collaboration with influencers that relates to the topic and target audience. Additionally, we have packaged the discussions and topic in a way that could be easily understood and related in our daily lives.

We have produced ‘Yuk Bisa Yuk! Bersama Kita Multi Transisi Energi’ with Vania Herlambang and ‘Work Life Balance di PT SMI’ with Vina Muliana. As for Podcast Pembangunan Indonesia, we have produced ‘Pembangungan Berkelanjutan: Kenapa Harus Sekarang?’ with Nadine Alexandra Dwi.

To promote both of the activities, we collaborated with students across Indonesia and created mini quizzes that are related to the production.

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