Life at BCA #MungkinLoCocok


October 2022 - September 2023


Bank Central Asia (BCA)

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Life at BCA #MungkinLoCocok

about the client

BCA is the largest private bank in Indonesia. This bank was founded on February 21, 1957 and was once an important part of the Salim Group. Now this bank is owned by one of the fourth largest cigarette producer groups in Indonesia, Djarum.

Problem Statement

External BCA thought that working at banking industry are stiff, high level of seniority and boring because of senior majority. People didn't get enough information towards working at banking industry, especially at BCA because the Lack of EGC (Employee Generated Content). People think that UGC only applicable in startup industry.

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Their Story

Level up BCA's Employer Branding among target audience via online strategy by utilizing the BCA’s employees to counter current misperceptions. Also creating contents that can attract potential talents (both fresh graduates & pro hire) to the young, fun, and purpose-driven team in BCA.

The Result

Project achievement: Instagram Followers 37,275

Actual Followers (August): 81,516 (Achieved on March 2023, 118.68% higher than target)

We develop strategy that is giving knowledge and information to the audience about the working environment at BCA, while sharing valuable content that can support their life goals.

Also create relatable content supported with activation that involves both internal and external to increase EGC (Employee Generated Content). So people can actually interact and know the culture from the employees themselves.

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Corporate Training

Corporate Training Program for Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Crafting & Sourcing Engaging Content Workshop for IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) Trainer

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