IDX #PahamSoalSaham


February 2023 - July 2023


Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

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IDX #PahamSoalSaham

about the client

Indonesia Stock Exchange; the one and only stock market regulator and facilitator in Indonesia.

Problem Statement

Low financial literacy of Indonesia citizen and intimidating of financial market terminology.

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Their Story

IDX's goal is to increase the number of investors and provide them with education to help them become proficient investors who can analyze investments independently.

The Result

Target Impression from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok achieved 112% from January to July 2023.

Some of the contents that successfully performed in @indonesiastockexchange are:

- Our fun content is always well-received by the audience because it is tailored to address their pain points, making it relevant and engaging to watch

- #PahamSoalSaham was IDX’s new segment to educate audience about how to analyze in investment. In this segment we try to explaining in the easiest way possible to help them understand.

- #Investory is segment that show audience about stock or financial in storytelling. In this content, we are trying to explore the writing style (copywriting) to make it easily readable and engaging for them.

We believe that creating educational content requires a close connection with the audience by understanding their investment-related issues.

Therefore, the educational content we create for them serves as a source to address their investment challenges.

Furthermore, to ensure that the audience can easily understand, we will present education in the form of stories to make the content easily comprehensible and also entertaining for them.

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